Sunday, September 17, 2023

A Working Weekend In September

On our Dream 10X podcast, we ponder ways in which success can be achieved by thinking big and taking small steps to achieve those dreams.  At Ca Ira Castle, we are all about small steps, as small steps are all we can seem to manage at times.  I recon small steps are better than no steps.  The important thing is to keep moving forward.

Ca Ira Castle is about our dream to one day build a castle.  Our dream is totally irrational and almost impossible to realize.  That's one reason its such a cool idea, and a big reason why it is so hard to make progress toward.

This weekend, however, we were able to actually get away and work on our dream a little, and it was a fantastic weekend for dreaming outside!  The weather was amazing - cool nights, clear, and we think we saw a comet!  We saw a green tail moving across the sky early evening the night of 9/16 around 8:30pm.  The tail moved in a North-Easterly direction pretty fast, but not as fast as a shooting star.  It was visible for approximately 2-3 minutes.  We believe it might have been Comet Nishimura.  

One of the great things about being out in the country is almost no light pollution.

In addition, we got alot of work done cutting grass, clearing trails, spreading stone out on the dirt driveway, etc.  Happily, we got to walk the trails a few times as well, which is one of my favorite things to do after clearing them.

We took an inventory of the trees we have planted over the last 3-4 years, and rejoiced that many of them are thriving.  Some are hanging on still.  Many did not make it.  The native trees (and weeds), however, are absolutely thriving.  And the grass we planted to help manage soil erosion is growing strong as well (necessitating the need to cut grass with extreme prejudice in places).

This weekend was a small step in maintaining cleared fields and trails.  We are doing our best - with the time and resources we have - to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing arrangement between man and nature in a chaotic and messy environment largely undisciplined by man.  

Other steps we have taken recently toward realizing our dream include obtaining county approval for well and septic.  We're not quite ready to start running yet, though.  Besides, it is a real joy to see the environment rebound like it is, this after being clear-cut, dry and eroding for many years.

One interest of note is a once large pile of throw-away wood left by loggers.  When we bought the property, we thought we would one day have to burn the pile of logs in order to clear them away.  Not true!  Many years later, the logs are almost all gone due to natural decay, leaving behind a rich, spongey soil in their place.  Time and bacteria for the win (again)!

Life springs eternal, and this Adam and Eve love experiencing the rebirth as caretakers of the garden.