Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Top Reasons Why I Love Ca Ira Castle Lands

The lands of Ca Ira Castle are epic.  They are not for the weak.  The rough exterior offers have a safe haven for wildlife needing refuge. It is also a refuge for the humans who need to just "be." These lands have a spritely spirit of their own that fights to be tamed... just like me.  
Top Reasons Why I Love Ca Ira Castle Lands

1) The stars shine bright above with the Milk Way protecting our paths. Saturn and Venus compete for priority in the night sky.  This is a place for our past, present, and future selves.

 2) It's a place you can play or practice music as loud as you want... bagpipes, opera, a shofar... or blast some Armin van Buuren.

 3) So much love is at this land.

 4) It's a place we can be ourselves. Let our goofy and geek run free

5) It's a place we can enjoy the warm, cozy dancing of flames in an open fire.

6) Haybale couches.

 7) It's a place family and friends can come and celebrate life with us.

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